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My Ducts Cleaning Special Promotion, I Do Not Think So

Silence, then some noise, and finally someone started talking.

A few days ago, I received a call from an unknown number and an unknown name. It turned out to be a telemarketer call. I never order anything from duct cleaning telemarketers. I did in the past – just too many bad experiences are hanging over my head for now.

– ‘Hello’ – I said.

Silence, then some noise, and finally someone started talking.

– ‘Hi Ma’am’ – the voice greeted me.

– ‘Yes’ – I said.

– ‘We basically are in your area and running a special promotion on your duct cleaning’ – his exact words.

Thinking. At least he is not reading the telemarketer’s script, but I just hope he is talking about ducts in my house.

– ‘Did you say duct cleaning?’ – I interrupted.

– ‘Yes’ – he replied.

– ‘Well, we just had it done’ – I tried to close the conversation as soon as possible by lying.

– ‘When?’ – he asked.

– ‘We just had it done a few weeks ago’ – I stated.

– ‘We will clean your vents, your dryer vent’ – he continued until I interrupted him again.

– ‘We just had it done’ – I interrupted.

– ‘When?’ – he asked.

Thinking. Okay, is he paying attention to what I am saying at all?

– ‘A few weeks ago, three weeks ago’ – I lied again.

– ‘Oh, that is very good. Have a good day. Sorry for bothering you.’ – his exact closing words.


Looks like this time my lie-strategy did not work. Well, next time I will just tell them I have no ducts, no windows, and no doors.

But wait… someone called again from duct cleaning the next day, and I almost did say that we didn’t have any ducts in our house, but held myself back. What is the point, they will call back again and again.


Michael said: May 13, 2011 at 21:08

Ah the whole “We are in your area” bit. I usually interrupt them right there in the script and say… then where do I live? Usually they have no idea and will say “I don’t know”. Then you ask them how they know they are in your area? Usually this is dead silence as they finally have to think about it….hmmmmmm Then you say “since you don’t know where I live and thus don’t know what area I live in” you have lied to me and I don’t deal with companies that lie….goodbye…click hang up the phone.

Butterfly said: May 13, 2011 at 22:48

I always ask them to remove our number and cite that we are on the “do not call” registry. Unfortunately, I think some of these companies outsource their cold callers and they aren’t subject to the Canadian do not call registry if they’re located in India. They usually hang up on me instead of removing our # from their list.


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