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No Middle Ground When Comes To The STOP Sign

Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone did stop? It is a shame to even write this post.

When it comes to a driver stopping at the STOP sign here in Aurora, there is no middle ground. What I mean is, drivers either do not stop or go out of their way to stop and back the car to make extra space for the pedestrian to cross the road.

Let me talk about the illegal act first – the act of not stopping at the STOP sign. Just to add – not just an illegal act, but a dangerous act at the same time. Eight times out of ten, whenever I cross the street with my child, drivers do not stop. They cut me off and turn their heads the other way. If the driver cannot look into your eyes, then he/she knows it’s wrong. Then why do it?

This is a STOP sign!

As a result, I don’t trust STOP signs anymore. When I see a car coming, I wait. Some stop for me, a small population of drivers; and some – not even a rolling stop. The small population of good drivers sometimes waits for me to get to the STOP sign, some back their car to make more space.

Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone did stop? It is a shame to even write this post. We all passed the driving test where stopping at the STOP sign and RED light is a must. Why do we stop during the test, and why not on the real road? Maybe we all need a reminder – How to Stop at a STOP Sign. Simply, when I am at the STOP sign first, I have the right of way.

Well, I carry my weapon with me – my camera. Should I or should I not use it, that is the question? I don’t think it is my job to do the policing. My job now is to watch my back.


shammy said: May 17, 2011 at 14:17

Yes, use the camera! I always stop at a STOP sign, and I’m even more diligent if I see people who look like they might want to cross the road. But I see lots of drivers who don’t stop. They come to a rolling slow down, and then take off..

Michael said: May 18, 2011 at 20:32

USE THE CAMERA! I have had similar issues when living and visiting in Aurora. But it also isn’t just an Aurora issue, the same thing occurs in Richmond Hill and when I go to work in Toronto. People are just to hurried to care anymore. Bust out the camera and start shooting at your targets…er…I mean taking photos of the offenders.

Butterfly said: June 16, 2011 at 00:13

I’m actually very impressed with the York Regional Police. I know that they focus on drivers that roll through stops in my neighbourhood on a regular basis. Particularly during school drop off times and pick up times. Love that I see them parked near Yonge and St. John’s waiting speeders flying over the McKenzie Marsh bridge too.


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