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Will Curious George Ever Stop Smoking? Impacts & Ignorance

It is only a matter of time before Matthew asks, "What is that thing in his mouth? What is Curious George smoking?"

I hate cigarette smoke, but what I hate the most is when others do not obey the rules. The reason for this post is my observation made on the weekend while shopping at the Upper Canada Mall in Newmarket.

We were approaching the main entrance when a driver cut us off and other ladies.

One of the ladies said, “So much for the crossing lines.

Yes, I know. You cannot rely on those to protect you anymore. You really have to watch your back,” I replied.

So true,” she nodded.

At the entrance, she pointed to the door which stated that people should smoke at least 15 meters from the mall.

Look over there,” she pointed next. A couple of guys were smoking right at the entrance.

Yes, nobody follows the rules anymore,” I stated.

Yes, you are right. What can we do now? Have yourself a good shopping day?” she waved at me and disappeared into the crowd.

A woman smoking in the Town Park, Aurora

I must say, her shopping wishes did not work for me that day. I had to go back on Tuesday because of the interesting shrinking effect I experienced with Matthew’s clothes, and a lady in the Old Navy forgot to take the magnetic security tag. How I made it through the door, I don’t know.

Smoking should be banned. We all know the risks. It is now a confirmed fact that smoking is dangerous to our health and the environment. Cigarette butts are eaten by birds, children pick them up, and when left to degrade, all the chemicals enter the soil and then our water system.

I must say, we have made great progress here in Canada when it comes to smoking. During my travels back in 2005, I suffered some crazy skin allergic reaction when exposed to smoke in the airports. The worst experience I had was at the airports in Japan.

The airports in Japan have these designated smoking booths for travellers, however, they are not fully insulated. Imagine this – a glass booth that can house about 50 smokers (always packed) with a thick smoke cloud above. And when it was time to leave for the flight, the smoke cloud followed all the passengers. It was thick, and every time we passed by one of those, I was pouring tears from my eyes. I wish I had my digital camera then to photograph that event.

Curious George book by Margret and H.A. Rey
Curious George book by Margret and H.A. Rey

I enjoy reading old classic children’s books. We are reading a lot of Dr. Seuss books right now for Matthew. “The Cat in the Hatand “Green Eggs and Ham” are his favourites. So then came along “Curious George.” He likes him too. It is only a matter of time before Matthew asks, “What is that thing in his mouth? What is Curious George smoking?

Curious George book by Margret and H.A. Rey

Looking back, smoking was a “social” thing in the past. When growing up, I was exposed to smoke all the time – at home, at school, at parties, and gatherings. Home visitors smoked in our kitchen. The teachers’ lounge at school was like a smoking chimney. After family gatherings, we were exposed to smoke.

Curious George book by Margret and H.A. Rey

I remember when my older cousin took me blueberry picking in the forest when I was about 6 years old. Mosquitoes were eating me alive, and she was blowing smoke at me to scare them away. It did nothing – every inch of my skin on my legs below my knees had a bite, not to mention a good dose of smoke along with tasty blueberries.

Curious George book by Margret and H.A. Rey

Will people follow the rules when signs are installed in Aurora for smokers not to smoke at least 9 meters away from playgrounds? Will a parent leave a child alone around the playground so they can step 9 meters away to smoke? It is hard to believe that this system will work. Wind can still carry the smoke. A total smoking ban is probably the solution.

Curious George book by Margret and H.A. Rey

Now, what about houses that are adjacent to the playgrounds? Will residents who smoke be prohibited from smoking on their own property? There are lots of questions, but I think the best option is still a total smoking ban everywhere.

Taylor Park, Aurora

If you are a parent, do you think Curious George and his characters in the book should stop smoking by now?

Something to think about.


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