Friday, July 19, 2024

Our Museum, It’s Like You Know The UFO Sighting, But Check Out The Library

I must officially declare that for every few books we return to the library, we take the same out.

The museum in our town is an ongoing issue. This means we really don’t have one right now and are trying to get it back from the Cultural Center on Church Street. It only makes sense that the building will be Aurora’s museum as it was retrofitted with temperature and humidity control rooms.

Many times when I was downtown Aurora driving, I saw signs in a few places leading to the museum. Aha, I guess there is hope, but for now, we have a better chance of having a UFO sighting. But then again, maybe not. Wait until I tell you what I found in the library.

Welcome to historic Aurora sign

The other day, I stopped to photograph the really outdated sign (it looked brand new and it was a must-photo for this post) located on the plaza where the liquidation blue store and Dollarama are, near the intersection of Wellington Street and Yonge Street. I can only assume that it was installed by the Aurora Chamber of Commerce.

On a side note, watch out for the traffic in this area, especially for pedestrians. It felt like I was downtown – people walked around the cars as the cars were crawling in everywhere, even into pedestrian zones.

Back to the sign. Turning left will get you to the Library. Going straight will get you to the Museum. Good luck! I will take my own way. I went straight instead and visited the Library afterwards.

I must officially declare that for every few books we return to the library, we take the same out. We are regulars. We like the library now. It will be good to visit, especially during the cold winter days.

Typewriter, believed to be used by Andrew’s family

I call my Matthew little snooper, but I like to do that too. As a result of our snooping around, we found something – a small museum exhibit. So for those who like to see partial museum exhibits from Aurora, they can actually visit our local library. The first exhibit was displayed in September, I believe, and was showing an old typewriter that was found in the house where Marjorie Andrew and her family lived. In addition, the exhibit displayed a fountain pen and a pair of old glasses.

The latest display features the town of Aurora old library history. It wasn’t clear to me if the old tools were used to build the library as they were also on display on loan from the Aurora Historical Society.

Old tools

Finally, I am filling all the empty gaps. I once talked about the Victoria Hall and I thought that Victoria Hall was the former oldest library in town. No, it goes further. The building right across Victoria Street is, as seen in the picture below. I think you will recognize its unique colour and features.

The Aurora Oldest Library origins
Aurora Old Library history display

Interestingly, all the libraries are very close to each other. You can see them all starting from the intersection of Victoria Street and Mosley Street, then walking along Victoria South to the 1963 library, then right on Church Street towards Yonge Street, the most recent library.

You never know, maybe one day you will be able to visit Aurora’s museum on your way, as per current signs.

Old Library Board minutes log book

Well, our journey throughout the town ended in finding a small museum exhibit and no UFO. Maybe next time.


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