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Rotary Park, Some New Improvements, Looking Great Thus Far

I believe the transformation has been a great success thus far.

Keep an eye out for the new look of Rotary Park on Gurnett Street. In May 2011, I took some pictures of the park, but unfortunately, I missed capturing the side facing Gurnett Street. Nevertheless, I am hopeful that there will be further renovations on that side, allowing me to make a comparison.

Rotary Park entrance from Gurnett Street

What’s new around here? The standard “double plank green with yellow print” sign has been replaced with an elegant engraved stone base sign, now nestled in the flower bed alongside a sleek metal bench. The stone work and path leading to the bridge have been recently updated, giving the area a fresh and polished look.

Tree plaque

It is unclear whether the plaque in front of the tree is new or not. However, it is evident that someone has already had a mishap, as there is a paint bomb splattered on it.

Rotary Park bridge, Gurnett Street

On the opposite side of the bridge, you will notice that the bench has either been replaced or repainted, along with another red paint splatter. It is truly disheartening to see such thoughtless acts of vandalism.

A bench, Rotary Park

I believe the transformation has been a great success thus far. The front of the park is looking particularly elegant and well-done. The addition of stone engraved signs has truly enhanced the park’s character. Great job!

There will be more upgrades according to The Auroran article “Rotary will pay to improve park.”

According to Mr. Downey, the Rotary Club will continue with additional upgrades in the park over the next two years of landscape enhancements.

Enhancements under the plan include new benches, a updated formal new look to the Gurnett Street entrance to the park, as well as what is described as a “formal plaza and seating area” which will be improved with planting beds, stonework, and a new walkway with decorative paved inserts, which may include the logo for Rotary International.

Sponsorship opportunities could also be available in the park upgrade process including benches with dedication plaques, a large dedication stone, sponsored tree plantings marked with plates, and vertical stone pieces with sponsorship plates.” Source: The Auroran, Week of May 17, 2011, pg 8.

My previous comment on the initial post remains unchanged. I trust that future developments in the park will prioritize maintaining its natural aesthetic. I am concerned about the potential for the park to become cluttered with signage, as this could detract from its beauty.


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