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Last Week The Hottest Days In Years, Noise Pollution

As I age, I find myself valuing more and more the place and circumstances of my upbringing.

Last week, Thursday was scorching hot and humid, the hottest day in years. Luckily, here in Aurora, the overcast skies kept our house cooler during the peak hours. We keep our house temperature set between 27-28oC all summer long.

That day, going in and out of our patio door had its pros and cons. Stepping outside felt like walking into a blast of heat, while coming back inside felt like stepping into a fridge. I’m pretty sure there was at least a 10-degree difference.

You might be wondering, what does noise pollution have to do with the hot days? I’m not talking about the usual road traffic noise. It’s the constant aircraft flying overhead and the punctual train noise that’s always present. But honestly, none of that is really bothering me right now.

I dislike the sound of the air conditioner. Sometimes, I just can’t deal with constant noise. I’ve had a few moments in my life where I experienced complete silence, and let me tell you, it’s my favourite. For 14 years, I lived in a house without central heating or cooling. We found ways to stay comfortable during the hot and cold days. Whether it was heading to the cottage or camping with friends, we always found ways to stay cool or warm. I’ll never forget the day we had a blackout. It was so peaceful to just sit in our Muskoka chairs and actually hear each other talk without any background noise.

This year, we upgraded our home by installing an awning above our patio door, new doors, and energy-efficient windows. The awning has made a huge difference in keeping our kitchen cooler by shading a section of the wall around the patio door. I was pleasantly surprised by how much cooler it stays now. Additionally, we planted some trees when we first moved in for shade and privacy, and they have grown into full-size trees, providing even more shade in the afternoon. It’s amazing how much these simple upgrades have improved our home!

As I age, I find myself valuing more and more the place and circumstances of my upbringing. It was so much more peaceful in the past. Nowadays, everything seems to be constantly making noise, especially kids’ toys. Every now and then, those toys decide to start making noise in the middle of the night, just to scare the living daylights out of you.

Stay cool, it looks like some rain is in the forecast.


Moon said: September 19, 2012 at 07:05

I thought I was the only one who doesn’t like AC/heater noise. These days its the train noise…We just moved here in Aurora last October, but didn’t think I would be hearing any train noise from Bayview/Wellington area. I used to live in cities and I don’t know how I dealt with all the car noise before. Anyways, I enjoyed reading your posting. Thanks for sharing your thoughts of Aurora. I think we made a right decision choosing Aurora as Home!


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