Sunday, October 24, 2021
Nature"In 1832 On This Spot Nothing Happened"

“In 1832 On This Spot Nothing Happened”

A small plaque mounted on one of the wooden bridges over the creek that runs through the St. Andrew’s Valley Golf course says, “In 1832 on this spot nothing happened.

The plaque got my attention. I have too many questions but I will not contemplate further. Perhaps, just a random thing.

For your information, St. Andrew’s Valley golf course is open during winter times for hiking, a generous gesture from the owners – for you to enjoy.

Please respect the property.

St. Andrew’s Valley
St. Andrew’s Valley | Muskrat
St. Andrew’s Valley | Rail Track Creek Underpass
St. Andrew’s Valley | Please Do Not Feed The Colotes
St. Andrew’s Valley | Photo by Anna Lozyk Romeo


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