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Green, Very Green in the Aurora Community Arboretum

Green, very green in the Aurora Community Arboretum. My work was somehow rudely interrupted by a mouse. That not so tiny grey furry creature zoomed under the Muskoka chair I was sitting on, and disappeared (nature’s magic). Well, it was really my pouring ‘green‘ thoughts that were interrupted. “What happened to my inside plant? Why did that one tiny fern at the window suddenly change from warm green to a light minty green?” I was thinking. I have two and only one of two underwent the sudden colour transformation.

Aurora Community Arboretum

“All truly great thoughts are conceived by walking.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

My thoughts were also on the Aurora Community Arboretum. “How much can one write about the place?” I thought. But “I like the place and I am continuously drawn to this public green space,” I tell myself. “Why not then?” So much to see, so much to explore and not enough time in the day. In the queue I had this blog post for some time now; rewritten two times already to reflect my latest, then latest again observations; however, with the recurring rain I realized I can continue to re-write. This is the final thought as Aurora remains green, incredibly green in fact, and so is the Aurora Community Arboretum.

Aurora Community Arboretum

The images in this post of the arboretum are still relevant. Aurora maintains the green facade thanks to the spring rains – mist, shower and pouring rains. On some days, torrential rains, just enough to cause floods on our roads. Yes, some streets got heavily flooded last weekend, at least one foot deep. Some people posted pictures on social media of cars stranded on the recently fixed Industrial Parkway South and Wellington Street East intersection. Will the rains continue? If so, it is a good possibility that this year we will have a very green summer all around.

Aurora Community Arboretum

Last Saturday, on Father’s Day Weekend, we missed the warnings. The thunder was roaring so loud that we unplugged all the electronics from the wall, including the TV. Missed all, Tornado Watch and Tornado Warning announcements. But we did watch through the window for the funnel clouds in the sky. Well, just in case, and not to mention for a green sky. Sometimes when funnel clouds are not in the view, a green sky could be a good indication of a tornado; but not always, dark skies can be too. The green in the sky is the physical refraction of the sunlight off the failing hail, and gives off that greenish tint during tornado formation.

“Green is the prime color of the world, and that from which its loveliness arises.” – Pedro Calderon de la Barca

Speaking of green, that brings me back to the walks through the Aurora Community Arboretum in the mid spring, some short and some long walks. I have seen flooding in May on some arboretum paths; however, everything amazingly tends to return to norm. I had some very short walks, just because I ran into someone I know. Someone who looks after the arboretum. Nonetheless, one of the most rewarding walks through the Aurora Community Arboretum so far this year, I had in early June. It was raining, but it was just a mist. I walked from the Aurora Town Hall through the arboretum all the way to the Optimist Park near Northern Lights Public School. It took about thirty minutes to walk, and snapping photos in the rain – believe it or not the images do tell the story very well.

It was a beautiful sight seeing the million shades of green colour around me. The arboretum is mature now yet it looks so new, groomed and clean. It’s been looked after by good exceptional people. Spring does that too. Perhaps, you noticed as well, the new trail signs are now in place to guide you from one end of the arboretum to the other. No reason for panic when I’m lost. I love it; and that day I officially walked most of Trail 2, the Tim Jones Trail; however, not for the first time.

“I love the rain. It’s my favorite weather.” – Kristen Wiig

The dandelion season is over. The blooming daffodils Pot of Gold are gone. Come back next year. Pink trees almost all bloomed away and my memories of them faded away already until they comeback the next spring. The period of whites is now in the picture. Lots of birds, of course if you can find them hiding among the green leaves. They do come out and sing for you if you ask. Just kidding, they need to eat. Plenty of insects to catch. Plenty of mosquitoes that will attack you if you are relatively close to the stream, and I am speaking from experience.

The Father’s Day weekend was probably one of the most hot and humid days yet this year. Indication that summer is here. In fact, physically is almost here. I’m glad. Children will be out of school soon. I’m happy. Time to plan the summer vacation soon. Some local activities and a possibility of another lengthy out of province road trip. What do you think, does a road trip to Newfoundland sound like a lot of fun?

Anna Lozyk Romeo
Aurora, ON


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