Monday, December 6, 2021
EnvironmentTrees First, Glenway Development Underway

Trees First, Glenway Development Underway

Golf courses, like Glenway development, in our neighbourhood may be a ‘thing of the past‘. The next generation definitely has different interests and golf may not be one of them. Glenway development, consequently what has happened to Glenway Country Club in Newmarket then potentially is bound to happen here in Aurora to our former Highland Gate Golf Club. No matter what actions already taken and to be taken, it can be assumed by default that the end result will be some sort of residential development. It’s becoming more difficult for golf courses to be profitable these days so many are selling out. Without buyers who would like to continue to operate golf courses, and with dropping memberships, golf courses are closing down. Then obviously it is unfortunate for the surrounding communities that the next potential buyer is a developer.

It is disappointing that Highland Gate development is going to the OMB, and it is more disappointing that the developer gave our Town a chance to buy the land back for a whopping $98 million. Not sure how the $98 million land selling price was derived but perhaps it was the potential end revenue of the development project minus up to date costs.

Glenway Development
Glenway Development
Glenway Development

Based on what has been happening in the golf industry potential buyers should think twice when buying a property that backs onto a golf course. However, it is worth noting that not all Highland Gate residents will be affected by the development, perhaps just increased traffic. Those are the homes that back onto land that cannot be developed, like wetlands.

We want to thank David Eaton for letting us post recent images of tree cutting activity that is taking place at the Glenway former golf course (Glenway development) in Newmarket. It is unfortunate that trees will be the first to go on the Highland Gate land as well.

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