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Aurora Train Station on the Great Canadian Achievements Mural

The Great Canadian Achievements mural, an informational piece of public art work, on the side of Larter building, seen from Yonge Street and Wellington Street in Aurora, was formally welcomed to the town with a ribbon cutting ceremony on November 23rd, 2001. The mural project was a community partnership with Larter and the Town of Aurora who invited businesses to sponsor an achievement of their choice, with a recognition marked on the wall.

The Great Canadian Achievements mural, sometimes called Canadian Moments Mural, was dedicated to the former Aurora Cllr Bob Hartwell. Seen on the photo above is the “Canadian Pacific Railway – the ‘Last Spike’ November 1885” art work with our own Aurora Train Station, “The Last Spike was the final and ceremonial railway spike driven into the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) track by company director Donald Smith on the morning of 7 November 1885.

Photo Taken: November 3rd, 2014

The Auroran Story: “You would have to know Bob to know he just has that full little smile on his face and doesn’t say anything,” says Barb Hartwell with a laugh, as she recalls the 2014 Run/Walk for Southlake. Initially founded in 2002 in memory of her husband, former Aurora Councillor and enthusiastic runner Bob Hartwell, what has eventually evolved from the Hartwell Challenge to the Nature’s Emporium Run/Walk For Southlake has a devoted supporter in Barb.” Source: 12 Years later, Barb Hartwell remains at forefront of fundraising for husband’s tribute run


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