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Aurora Cultural Centre on Church Street, Architectural Accents

We finally got to see the “The Plow in the Crest: How Joseph Fleury and his Sons shaped Industry, Politics and Community in Aurora” exhibit at the Aurora Cultural Centre on Church Street. Assembled by the Aurora Museum & Archives, the Fleury exhibit is a must see exhibit which is located on the second floor in the Aurora Room and will end in April 2018. I will show off some of the details another time, hopefully shortly. However, don’t wait for me, if you’re in Town I highly recommend it. “The Plow in the Crest” is a well researched, well planned and professionally displayed exhibit showcasing the Fleury family contribution to Aurora history and beyond.

Aurora Cultural Centre

On the other hand, Aurora Cultural Centre, the former Church Street School is my favourite building in Town to visit at any time, closed or open. I know that no one will listen, but from my perspective the building doesn’t need additions as proposed in the future Library Square concept. Ever since the Old Library has gone, the former school is predominantly distinguished in the area, especially when looking South from the intersection of Victoria and Mosley Street.

Aurora Cultural Centre

A few weeks ago I posted on social media a photo taken from the second floor of the Aurora Public Library. The highlight of the photo was supposed to be the missing Old Library, an empty area beside the Aurora Cultural Centre. I wanted people to talk about the Old Library. Two buildings stood side by side for many years growing older collecting different types of memories; in the end only one of them survived. And that one, the Church Street School, continues to be talked about. I was wrong. I was surprised. It only took one person in the I GREW UP IN AURORA Facebook group to shift the whole conversation towards the Church Street School in the photo; a building with definitely a lot more memories than the Old Library. It’s a good thing though.

My memories are different of the Aurora Cultural Centre. They are exploratory memories learning about the school and discovering every corner of the school, looking for treasures. My memories of historical events, exhibits, art shows, and just visits to the former school are always captured, just like the one below. It was just a visit.

Aurora Cultural Centre
Aurora Cultural Centre

Anna Lozyk Romeo
Aurora, ON


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