Aurora Community Arboretum, Beaver in Town?

Aurora Community Arboretum

It is a matter of time and the Aurora Community Arboretum will be green again. However, having said that we must first wait for the winter signs to go away. We had an extra long winter this year and still a lot of ice and snow left on the ground that is slowly melting away. This means extra water in the fields and especially near creeks and rivers.

Aurora Community Arboretum Aurora Community Arboretum

“If the path be beautiful, let us not ask where it leads.” ~ Anatole France
I had an hour to spare so I ventured out to the Aurora Community Arboretum near Aurora Town Hall. I only walked probably half a kilometer and found myself trapped between overflowing creeks. I passed the first bridge, jumped over the flowing water and moved on. I didn’t pass the sports dome, the path was already flooded. A father and son coming my way managed to go around the flooded path and into the muddy soccer field.

Such a short walk and so much one can observe. Birds definitely are in town. It was around 6:30 pm and I could hear all kinds of birds, especially the Red Wing Black Birds and American Robins with once in a while screaming Canada Geese over my head.

I had to stay on the path as there was a lot of water around and quite deep. It flooded around the commemorative trees and some plaques were completely submerged.

Aurora Community Arboretum Aurora Community Arboretum Aurora Community Arboretum Aurora Community Arboretum Aurora Community Arboretum

Now, after the ice storm trees were down, but there was one tree trunk that looked like the work of a beaver. Unless someone axed that tree just the way beavers do. Unfortunately it was one of the Aurora Community Arboretum commemorative trees, however the plaque looked blank. It was a good size of a tree too.

It is unfortunate that it isn’t solely a nature path at the Aurora Community Arboretum as you can still spot commercial buildings, residential high density and single dwellings, Town Hall, the sports dome, and airplanes flying over.

On the way back the water eroded more of the path so I had to roll up the bottom of my pants to cross. Water was really flowing fast and creating a new path to pass. I am sure that sooner or later the water will settle and everything will be back to normal.

Anna Lozyk Romeo, Editor’s Notes
Aurora, ON

Copyright 2014 Anna Lozyk Romeo / community FOCUS

Aurora Community Arboretum, Town of Aurora
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