Friday, November 22, 2019
Community Aurora Farmers Market Is On & Never The Same

Aurora Farmers Market Is On & Never The Same

The Aurora Farmers Market & Artisan Fair opened last weekend for the season. Besides having fun browsing around and meeting people I must say it was a gloomy day. It was overcast and cold, no sun and a bit of rain. I don’t want to complain but I will. I couldn’t find one good view with green trees that day to photograph. Buds on many of the trees in the Town Park didn’t even break through yet. We had a record cold winter and now spring – just wanted to say for the record one last time. Today as I am writing this – the green is unveiling due to much warmer temperatures and so far weather is looking good for tomorrow’s Aurora Farmers Market.

We have been visiting Aurora Farmers Market probably for over 5 years now. Sometimes I drop by alone but most of the time we come as a family of three. From season to season and from weekend to weekend there is always something new and exciting at the market, and sometimes some things are not there when you expect them to be.

Last weekend before going out I asked Matthew if it was time to have some popcorn from the market. Our favorite treat from the yellow popcorn guys. I think some of you know who they are.  Their booth is usually located near Mosley Street. Unfortunately, the booth was not there last weekend. Fortunately, I found something else – lollipops, and that was a real deal.

“History never looks like history when you are living through it.” ~ John W. Gardner

It was no surprise to me that David Heard’s booth wasn’t there last weekend – the rumor eventually spread to my ear. For those who don’t know, David’s booth carried many articles related to the Town of Aurora history. That day the spot in front of Wells Street Public School was looking empty. Regardless of what happened – Aurora Farmers Market should bring David’s booth back to the market.

The view from Mosley Street towards Yonge Street will never be the same. One of the oldest landmarks, the Aurora United Church was demolished at the end of April. Everyone hoped to the end that at least the front towers would be saved. However, the fire damage was too extensive to save the structure and the decision was made to level everything to the ground. It was an unfortunate opportunity but I did photograph most of the demolition of the church for documenting purposes.

You may already know that the Town of Aurora is gearing up for Municipal Elections this fall and I  must say that the Aurora Farmers Market is a good place for people of Aurora to casually meet our local politicians and potential candidates. Yes many of them do hang out at the Aurora Farmers Market. May I suggest no talking politics – it’s supposed to be a day of fun with friends and family.

Every weekend is never the same at the market thus so much to tell in words and photographs. Warmer and greener days ahead.

Anna Lozyk Romeo
Aurora, ON


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