Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Where Did All The Turtles Go? Autumn, Nature’s Accents & Abstract

So where are the turtles, I am asking again?

Last week, I read a story about the 30-pound turtle that was saved in Aurora by the Hadley Grange residents and the police. I never thought that our pond would have something that big.

I saved one that may have been less than 8 ounces. Having ponds nearby roads will always be an issue with animal crossings. I am glad that the story had a happy ending after all.

So where were all the turtles today, the usual Red-eared slider turtles? We have not seen even one on the Nokiidaa Trail link boardwalk today. Daycare children were looking for them and could not find them. An older woman mentioned the turtles, but there was no sight of them. We looked for them too on the way in and on the way back, but there were none.

Children looking for Red-eared slider turtles

So where are the turtles, I am asking again? It was a nice sunny and warm day today. Usually they sit on the dead wood logs in the pond, but this time there were none. Well, I don’t have the answer. Maybe they are getting ready to hibernate.

What a beautiful day turned out to be after all despite the missing turtles. I am sure turtles will be back.

We got to observe other things. There were a lot of birds, however, there are still a substantial amount of leaves on the trees thus hard to spot them. Ducks were very loud and flying over the boardwalk.

The sky was a perfect blue and the occasional clouds thus the occasional overcast created a perfect environment for some good photography.

I don’t always have good days, but today was exceptional.

I like autumn photography the most just because of a broad spectrum of colours and earthy tones. I love the winding down and aging aspect of nature. Very calming.

On the other note, remember it is also flu season. Getting out in the sun, moderate fresh air, and drinking lots of fluids is our way to deal with colds and flues.

A sneeze

I mentioned my successful photographic adventure, and it would be a shame not to share it. But – no turtle. Enjoy.


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