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The Petch House, A New Journey

The Petch log house is a cherished relic of our town that must be preserved for future generations to appreciate.

The Petch log house has been garnering significant attention in recent issues of The Aurora and The Banner. Lengthy articles have been written, and columns are filled with Letters to the Editor discussing the historic home. The Petch house is currently undergoing preparations for its upcoming restoration.

Fenced and deteriorated

The house is now enclosed by a chain-link fence. Gradually, areas that were patched up are being cleaned off the exterior walls or the surface of the logs, revealing a stark contrast between faded and darker, wetter surface areas. The corners have been reinforced and supported, particularly those that were slowly sliding out and deteriorating. It is uncertain, but it is likely that the interior is also being cleaned out.


After years of sitting on the lot on Leslie Street, just south of Wellington Street East, the Petch house is embarking on a new journey. Its fate was once uncertain, but now there is hope. The next step is a battle to determine whether the house should be placed in the Aurora Community Arboretum beside the Aurora Town Hall.

The back

The plan and location requested by the Friends of Petch House are clear: to establish the project in Petchville near the Stronach Recreation Complex and the Urban Wildlife Park in order to maintain authenticity. However, we find ourselves once again in a tug-of-war situation. Instead of altering the Friends of Petch House’s vision, why can’t we simply support and assist them in following their original plan? I foresee a costly battle looming on the horizon.

House facing sun

I had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Katherine Belrose, the driving force behind the preservation of the log house. Her unwavering motivation, courage, and personal investment of both time and money make her the ideal candidate to lead this project. Ms. Belrose’s vision is clear, her dedication is unwavering, and her passion is evident. Granting her full control of the project is not only logical but necessary.

Strapped some more

The Petch house is a cherished relic of our town that must be preserved for future generations to appreciate. Careful consideration must be given to selecting the ideal location for the house to take root and continue its journey into the future. This decision will play a crucial role in ensuring the house’s longevity and significance in our community.


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