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Woodland Pet Cemetery
By Rue Ford Strock. I am the step daughter of Major Victor Blochin. My mother Elizabeth Ann Blochin, Victor's second wife of many years. I was never introduce as step daughter. I was his daughter he was my Papa & the only Grandfather my two children ever...
Mrs. Capstick
I know that I have not written much about Victor Blochin since his wife Anne Elizabeth Blochin, maiden name Wilson, was always on the spotlight. However, Victor Blochin was famous for breeding West Highland White Terrier (Westie) at his Bencruachan Kennels, and while searching around I have seen Victor Blochin Trophy,...
Anne Elizabeth Blochin
Some sources are telling me that there is a possibility that the overgrown pet cemetery was owned by Kennel Inn in Aurora, and now is changing hands, possibly to be developed in the future. May I suggest street names, Anne Elizabeth Blochin Street, Victor...
Pet Cemetery In Aurora
Happy Woodlawn (Woodland) was the Canada's first and only pet cemetery situated here Aurora, Ontario. It was privately own by Mr. and Mrs. Victor Blochin. If according to the article "the cemetery was laid out 11 years ago ..." then taking into consideration the...

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