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Church Street School
Photos of Church Street School during the Library Square construction. Photos dated May 22, 2021. Anna Lozyk RomeoAurora, Ontario
Despite the economic uncertainty stemming from COVID-19, on August 25th, 2020 Aurora Council, with a split vote of 4-3, awarded a construction tender for the $52M plus Library Square project. The tender was awarded to Chandos Construction Ltd. in the amount of $41,009,865 pushing the total project budget to...
Town of Aurora
Let me reflect on the Town of Aurora 2019 year in review from my perspective. I've decided to share below some of the highlights that caught my attention. Year 2019 was the first year in action for our Term 2018-2022 Aurora Council. Worth noting is that the majority of...
Aurora Economic Development Corporation
The summary of the November 27, 2018 Aurora Council meeting highlights the majority of comments made on video. This was the last meeting of Council Term 2014-2018 (Mayor Geoff Dawe, Cllr (Deputy Mayor) John Abel, Cllr Wendy Gaertner, Cllr Tom Mrakas, Cllr Sandra Humfryes, Cllr Jeff Thom, Cllr Harold...