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Clear Garbage Bag Program
Response to: Letter to the Editor, Take another look at clear bags, says clear bag proponent, November 25, 2015. As the time passes, the clear garbage bags program makes less and less sense. By introducing changes to the garbage by-law where garbage-bag-limit is going to be 2...
Black Garbage Bags
By K. Taylor, Aurora ON. There has been a lot of conversation lately about the colour of our garbage bags (black garbage bags, clear bags); swirling in the air like the contents of my blue box on a windy Thursday. It took me by surprise at first;...
Clear Garbage Bag Program
A diversion term is a simply an activity where something is redirected from its main course. A waste diversion rate is a percentage of how much of that ‘something’ was redirected or deflected from its main course. In the waste management, waste diversion is...
Clear Garbage Bag
No doubt that the majority of  the Town of Aurora residents are resisting the clear garbage bag program scheduled for implementation this summer. Despite the public resistance it was clear that during the General Committee meeting at the Town Hall on March 03, 2015 the majority of...

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