Saturday, August 15, 2020
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Downtown Core
The Town of Aurora has identified within the Yonge Wellington Downtown Core (YWDC) the old Library and Fire Hall properties on Victoria Street as surplus. The Town of Aurora has an outstanding heritage district in the Yonge Wellington Downtown Core along with our treasured...
Aurora Downtown
As tracts of land that are available to be built into new subdivisions shrink, many in the Town of Aurora wonder what is going to happen here. Where will new developments come from? The future, much like you can see happening in Toronto, is to bring people...
Aurora Downtown Revitalization
It has become apparent the downtown core of Aurora, specifically the Yonge Wellington Corridor has for years suffered neglect, decline and abandonment and needs Aurora downtown revitalization. The Yonge Wellington corridor during the 1970’s experienced retailers abruptly decamping to the suburban malls. It was...

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