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Aurora Sports Hall of Fame, Aurora SPORT Exhibit at the SARC

The Aurora Sports Hall of Fame (ASHOF) ongoing exhibit at the Stronach Aurora Recreation Complex (SARC) is definitely a collaboration by many. One would need a flowchart to figure out who is who, and who did what, but in the end does it really matter? This intriguing Aurora sports history exhibit at the SARC walk through is rewarding for those who made history, is motivating for those from Aurora who will one day make history, and is an educating element for people like me who just like history.

Today was a day for exploring SARC again. It was not the first “again.” We come here very often to skate as a family, but I don’t skate. I watch most of the time. I go around the building, look out the window, I see changes. Wellington Street East is getting busy. Developments are almost complete on the North side; new ones are starting on the South side. I will not even mention how the skyline changed behind the Stewart Burnett Park.

“Do you know what my favorite part of the game is? The opportunity to play.” ~ Mike singletary

The exhibit inside is keeping me busy most of the time. So many things to see. So many things to re-see. I can’t possibly absorb everything at once. Showcased artifacts are intriguing. I admire past athletes and not just for their medals. I look down at the hockey skates on display, not one bit do they look comfortable. I am glad to see progress in photographic camera evolution as well and it makes me appreciate my DSLR camera even more. On the other side the projector is functional but its interactive mode is disabled; perhaps it is used during special occasions only. The wall mural content is amazing. To examine the pillars I must stand back. May I suggest implementation of QR codes for visitors to seek more information. Who are these people in the pictures? Sometimes, I do want to know more.

The sports heritage exhibit started small on the second floor of Aurora Town Hall. I remember, I was there. It was hard to find around the bend the small room. Eventually the exhibit was officially moved to SARC in 2016, now showcasing more of Aurora Sports Hall of Fame inductees, graphics, photographs, historical artifacts, honoured member’s memorabilia and more.

Aurora Sports Hall of Fame
Aurora Sports Hall of Fame
Aurora Sports Hall of Fame

I think I just gave you another reason to explore and appreciate, besides participating in sports, a visit to SARC on Wellington Street East, to learn more about Aurora’s rich sports history and achievements, not just by great Canadians but by great Aurorans.

Aurora Sports Hall of Fame

The legacy of sport in Aurora was also wonderfully captured in a 52 Pick Me Up deck of playing cards showcasing individuals, teams, locations, and artifacts connected to how sport has played out in Aurora.​​ Full decks are available at the Aurora Town Hall, the SARC or the Aurora Museum & Archives. A gift for someone perhaps.

Anna Lozyk Romeo
Aurora, ON


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