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Politics Is Ward System Ideal for Town of Aurora? I Am Still Thinking

Is Ward System Ideal for Town of Aurora? I Am Still Thinking

Yes, Town of Aurora residents will be voting at the polls if they are in favour of a ward system. Sometimes I ask myself why the interest in politics. I don’t have any particular desire to be a politician, but I am for an ambiguous reason drawn to our local politics. Perhaps it is the dynamics of the municipal government, politician’s behaviour and their intentions I am intrigued by. Perhaps not always right decisions are made. I want to voice my opinion. Perhaps sometimes I can call our Councillors, meet with them and chat with them about local issues. Not like I can call up any business person where for some I would have to be a potential client in order to have that kind of relationship. On the contrary, applying business context I am a living client of the Town of Aurora.

“The greatest ideas are the simplest.” ― William Golding, Lord of the Flies

Municipal Elections 2014 are in the spotlight in Aurora this year. Hopefully on October 27, 2014 many Town of Aurora citizens will be lining up at the polls to vote. Most of the current councillors are coming back with the exception of two seeking higher positions in politics on the municipal and provincial level. A few new faces were added to the registration list.

So you know, there will be two questions on the ballot this year that the Town of Aurora municipal government wants us to vote on. For one, Town of Aurora residents will be asked to vote on adopting a ward system. A ward system is defined as an administrative division of the municipality and is represented by a councillor or councillors.

Update March 24, 2015
Public Voted: Ward System Nay & Less Councillors Yea

My big question is – why? I will answer that one for myself. I think mainly because we are a growing community. I can buy that but I cannot buy the fact that there is a version of the potential ward idea that was extrapolated to include full-time councillors with shelter and an assistant. Before making a decision like that I think it would better to have our councillors experience the actual ward system for four years (if the ward system were to be implemented), take working data and analyze and then decide if ward councillors in Aurora should hold full-time positions.

I am always in favour of simplicity and for now the extrapolated version of the ward system does not sit well with me. It does not mean I am discarding the idea, it means I am thinking. Tomorrow I may have a different thought.

Anna Lozyk Romeo
Aurora, ON

Aurora Implementing Ward System

Ward System

Public Voted Ward System Nay & Less Councillors Yea

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