Friday, July 19, 2024

Victoria Day Fireworks In Aurora? Not Happening

Victoria Day fireworks in Aurora are not happening. Internet traffic spikes every year on the Victoria Day weekend as Aurora residents are searching for events and especially for Victoria Day fireworks shows to attend. Unfortunately, the only fireworks you may be able to spot will be in your neighbour’s backyard. Some crack them in the fields around Aurora and they are definitely much smaller scale than those done for the Canada Day celebrations on July 1st.

It is unfortunate that many do not realize that a permit may be required depending on where and what type of fireworks are being set-off. Also, there are restrictions on what days they can be fired.  If you are planning to shoot some fireworks I recommend looking up the Town of Aurora website for more information including the by-law. Some residents do not realize the danger of shooting them near overhead power lines. Yes, I’ve seen and heard people firing them off in a local soccer field that has overhead power lines and large towers running through it. Not to mention that I’m pretty sure I also saw and heard some fireworks during Easter, unless it was something else. Oh my, maybe it was a meteor?

How about events on Victoria Day in Aurora? Well I don’t recall seeing, hearing or attending anything last year in Aurora. It was quiet in town as every long weekend many residents leave the town to visit cottages. It was even evident today when we were eating out.

This year may be different. The town finally realized a need for events for those who hang around in town. In the newer part of the town near Bayview Avenue for the first time there will be events happening in Ida Johnson Park. As the town recognizes the need for events, maybe they will consider the need for Victoria Day fireworks in Aurora.

Again, I can’t find anything about Victoria Day fireworks in Aurora either. Let’s assume there are none. Have a good Victoria Day weekend.


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