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On September 30th, 2018 at Aurora Town Hall, Aurora Public Library hosted a Municipal Elections 2018 All Candidates Meeting. The following are presentations by the four (4) out of 10 Trustee candidates for school boards. Bob McRoberts for For Trustee Peter Adams-Luchowski for For Trustee Ken Turriff for For Trustee Maxime Papillon
Postcards of Olde Aurora
By Bob McRoberts, Author of Postcards of Olde Aurora, Aurora ON. My earliest memory of collecting cards is from grade 3. On my way home from school (Wells Street Public School) at lunchtime, I would stop at a variety store on Wellington Street, across from Larmont Street, and buy a...
Sesquicentennial project for Aurora - a new book entitled Postcards of Olde Aurora has recently been published. The book contains over 100 images of the Town of Aurora from 80 to 100 years ago as captured on postcards of the day. Bob McRoberts, the author, has included a brief history...