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Merlin’s Hollow, Art In The English Garden

Now let me give you a photo tour of some of the artistic items you may want to notice beside the flowers if you are on your way to visit this beautiful English garden. In the first post, Merlin’s Hollow, Beautiful Accents Of The Garden I presented a photo gallery of some of the flowers that are blooming now in June. I called them accents of the garden.

The Merlin’s Hollow, an English garden, has a series of gardens within a garden separated by arches that invite you from one garden to another. Being overwhelmed with all the flowers and photos I wanted to take, I noticed that at the end. What a shame on my part. Yes, I tend to do that a lot – but there was so much to see. However, beside the flowers and surrounded by all the greenery, I was astonished by the art presented within each garden category.

Snakes in the Winter Garden

When we arrived, Deirdre explained some little details about the snakes in the Winter garden. I thought I should not reveal everything here and let you explore on your next visit. If you have children with you, let them talk about it.

Shovel Flower in the Perennial Flower Garden

I looked at the design of the biggest flower in the Perennial Flower garden, and believe it or not, it looked so real that I noticed it was made from shovels afterwards. The artist had a brilliant idea. It’s amazing that we can make art from almost anything, especially metal art, and this is an excellent example. Maybe on my next visit I will ask more about it.

I am sure you will not want to rest upon your arrival, but this delicate-looking green bench under the tree is really inviting. An observation bench for the Perennial Flower garden that might as well be.

Metal Bench

The gazebo in the Fragrant garden is not much to it. No, I am not telling you everything here again. Yes, there is a lot there, just go inside and check it out for yourself. I think I spent a good five minutes there, and in addition, I took more pictures to look at home. Notice the surrounding trees – surreal setting.


Once you’re inside the gazebo, don’t be afraid – these are not real frogs. I’m sure somewhere in the world, this may be their true size. But that’s not all – just look around, and you’ll notice more art in the fragrant garden.


Aha, and there was music. An older lady stood there and watched a man playing an instrument. Her body was moving to the rhythm of the music being played. She was very thankful when he ended. “What a nice instrument that is,” she said. “Yes, and you can easily carry it in a small bag,” he replied. I just wished that I had asked him what kind of instrument it was. Do you know?

Klaus Wehrenberg

But that is not all. Surprisingly, I found the Merlin’s Hollow, an English garden, one two-sided page guide very simple yet artistic. I could not believe that the description and labelling were written by hand, and the map was done by hand and to scale. What nice handwriting that is too. Something that will eventually be rare. My husband thought that all that writing was typed. I’ll let you look at it for yourself. Just pick one letter and compare it to the same letter, and you will see.

Let me leave you with a photo of these beautiful and healthy blooming peonies. The nicest dark pink colour of peonies I have ever seen.


Butterfly said: June 17, 2011 at 21:23

I think the instrument is an accordion.

admin said: June 18, 2011 at 16:28

Butterfly, I think it comes from the accordion family. This one did not have the white and black keys. I thought the same because I used to own one, but not like this one. Thanks for your help.


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