Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Dandelions – Wishing Flowers In The Child’s Eyes

This story about dandelions is one to remember. Yesterday I was driving behind a car and I noticed that the person driving the car still had winter tires on. It’s already June. Where did the time go? School will be almost over for my six year old. Next year will be different. It is hard to believe that next September he will be going to grade one. Just like the weather jumped from cold winter to hot spring, Matthew in a nick of six years is no longer a baby, or toddler – he is a boy now.

The other day he found a green marble at the playground. It became a very special object to him. I told him it could be magical and he believed me.

I am going to make a wish Mom‘ – Matthew whispered.
Oh it didn’t work‘ – Matthew replied to himself after few seconds of whispering to the marble.
Matthew you have to give a bit more time for the wish to come true. So what did you ask for?‘ – I asked curiously.
I asked that I get whatever I want‘ – he said.

He wished again and was more specific later. We did check the trunk for a toy and found nothing. If only life was that easy I told him.

‘I asked that I get whatever I want’ – he said.

Not sure how long it will last but he continues to believe in magic. He calls the dandelions wishing flowers. He did learn though in school that dandelions are bad for other plants. Later in the day after him telling me all the bad stuff about dandelions I hot watered one big dandelion on our patio growing between stones. I was proud and told Matthew I killed one big dandelion.

Mom why did you do that for? He didn’t have any plants around. Can you bring him back to life?” – he asked. So we saved one dandelion flower head that survived. Lesson learned – when alone leave it alone.

On my last walk I saw some giant dandelions stems. I found a patch where they were close to half a meter tall. Not sure how it all came about but the harsh winter wasn’t so bad after all for all the plant species hiding under the blanket of snow.

On the contrary, since herbicides were banned from being used we have a lot more dandelions in certain locations of Aurora. Not sure how some fields get away with not having any.


Well over the past week many dandelions already turned to puffs. I returned to the hydro line field a few days ago to photo shoot the dandelions after the bloom. When I saw the field I thought immediately – this place would be like paradise for Matthew with so many wishing flowers. Perhaps wishful thinking would have been to cut the grass prior to the dandelion flowers turning to puffs.

Anna Lozyk Romeo
Aurora, ON


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