Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Aurora’s Haunted Forest, Are You Scared Yet?

Here we are back again for the annual Aurora’s Haunted Forest at Sheppard’s Bush Conservation Area. Fun for children and fun for us. Every year there is something new, and somethings never change. We don’t know what to expect this year, but here are our quick highlights of last year’s Haunted Forest in about two minutes. Enjoy! (video footage from October 2014 of the Aurora’s Haunted Forest).

Sheppard’s Bush Conservation Area is 26 hectares (65 acres) in size, and has over three km of hiking trails, eleven soccer fields, two picnic pavilions and several historic buildings including a maple syrup evaporator hut and the Sheppard family house.” Source: LSRCA News: “Are you brave enough to face the ghosts and monsters that lurk in shadows of Sheppard’s Bush after dark? “You don’t know what to expect,” said Shelley Ware, recreation supervisor with the town of Aurora. “It’s the anticipation. That’s what kind of gets you.” Source: Monsters, ghosts haunting Sheppard’s Bush in Aurora

The Auroran Photo Gallery 2017: “Thousands of kids and their families from Aurora and beyond donned their costumes for Aurora’s annual Haunted Forest at Sheppard’s Bush — and pulled on their boots as well to do battle with the sloppy mud on the trails brought about by morning and afternoon rainfall.” Source: Thrills and chills around every corner of Haunted Forest


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