Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Accessible Playground in Civic Park and Comments at the Council Chamber

By Tyler Barker, Aurora ON. Disclaimer – My name is Tyler Barker. I am a member of the Aurora accessibility advisory committee but my opinion and views on these subjects are my own and do not necessarily reflect the views of the committee.

This past Tuesday at Aurora Council there were two long debates on an accessible ramp in Council chamber as well as an accessible playground in Civic Park.

First of all I think the word mockery of the AO DA was a very poor choice of words; and it unfairly categorized the hard work that the accessibility advisor as well as the committee has undertaken. Well I have been frustrated with the progress of the council chamber and I’m willing to explore all options for an accessible chamber. Speaking as an individual I do not think the town of Aurora or it’s staff members are making a mockery of the Accessibility for Ontarians Disabilities Act.

Finally my opinion on the accessible playground design options for Queen’s Jubilee Park (formerly Civic Park) are as follows.

I believe it is a great idea to have as many accessible parks as possible. I myself did not have the opportunity to enjoy playgrounds as a younger child due to their inaccessibility. While the architect retained may have been a little pricey, I do not see why anybody in the community would object to an accessible playground.

In conclusion there is a accessible design firm called barrier free design. They have vast experience with accessible designs in homes and buildings as well as accessible playground. Perhaps with their assistance the town and the accessibility community could partner up for a great opportunity.

Tyler Barker
Aurora ON


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