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Postcards of Olde Aurora
By Bob McRoberts, Author of Postcards of Olde Aurora, Aurora ON. My earliest memory of collecting cards is from grade 3. On my way home from school (Wells Street Public School) at lunchtime, I would stop at a variety store on Wellington Street, across from Larmont Street, and...
Sesquicentennial Legacy Project
‘documenting Aurora’ is a legacy project created with the purpose of capturing digital information about the ever changing Town of Aurora, Ontario beginning in its Sesquicentennial year 2013. Our goal is to track changes to the landscapes, heritage buildings and sites of heritage value. We will also...
Evelyn Buck
During the Aurora Council Meeting on June 12, 2012, options were being discussed for organizing and budgeting next year's 2013 Canada Day celebrations as part of Aurora's 150 year anniversary. One option being proposed was for the Town to pay for a consultant that would be responsible...

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