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Merry Christmas Aurora! Community Arboretum Accents

Let the spirit of Christmas
warm your home
with love, joy and peace.
Have a Merry Christmas !

Living in Aurora

Aurora Community Arboretum Accents 2016

Merry Christmas Aurora
Merry Christmas Aurora

The beautiful winter season in Aurora can be enjoyed walking the trails. My all time favourite is the Aurora Community Arboretum. When we moved to Aurora in 1997, the Aurora Community Arboretum did not exist yet. The land to be developed and the Arboretum land which could not be develop was all one. It was located about five minutes from us. When the South side of St. John’s sideroad started to be developed and so did the Aurora Community Arboretum came to the view. I can only remember as far as 2002. I remember first biking in that area. It was only a one single path that eventually grew other smaller paths. It was just like having a one big vain with smaller veins branching out. Now, when walking the Arboretum, watch out you may get lost.

Occasionally we venture out on the private properties that are open to public, like St. Andrew’s Golf Valley. It is so nice of the golf course owners to do that for the local people. I also enjoy Case Wood Lot, but believe or not I have not been through the woodlot in the winter yet. I have visited in the spring and fall. Summer we try to stay away from the mosquitoes. There are many other trails in Aurora and more will come in the future as the new development will be completed. The one I am anxious about is the Wild Park on the East end of Aurora, between Bayview Avenue and Leslie Street. Hopefully soon. So, again I want to wish you Merry Christmas Aurora and enjoy the treasures and small beauties of the Town.

Merry Christmas Aurora

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