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Aurora Haunted Forest 2016 & The Tall of the Tallest

There he was a tall man, and telling ya, not a Slender Man. The tall of the tallest Jason walked dark trails during the Aurora Haunted Forest Saturday night (October 29, 2016) at Sheppard’s Bush Conservation Area. Scary, scary! I bet he was real; as real as he can be. We got goose bumps, even us the adults and some tall of the tallest, I heard.

A girl ran into the darkness. Brave little soul she was. Parents called her back, “we will lose you.” She came back. As we got further into the darkness; I don’t know what happened. She cried and screamed all the way to the end. Did she run into the the tallest man in the forest? We will never know. Zombies are a possibility. The chainsaw crew? Maybe the Slender Man?  Shall I recommend the Little Goblins trail to start? The easy going trail, not so scary. Kind of cute, yet could be scary for the little ones. I am sure you know that! But it’s a haunted forest after all. Did you see the Ghostbusters busting the green silky ghost, to protect you? You’re not scared of Shrek? He is such a sweet green ogre. He really is!

Did I tell you how I saw a Supernova that night? Yep that creature up the tree, was a real “one” after all. We flashed the creature in the face, he flashed us back ten times more. What a powerful flashlight he had. I want one for picture taking. But then the service came, “Anna, let me light him up (scarecrow of some kind).” Telling ya, I can’t hide anymore, but I’m thankful. Thanks to the Town of Aurora organizer for making the hanging creature alive again, you know who you are. Thank you.

We came prepared. We had an army of three Iron Man and one Captain America. “Welcome back,” he said as we arrived at the gate again this time to visit the grown-up trail. He remembered us. How cool is that?

“We got goose bumps, even us the adults and some tall of the tallest, I heard.”

Nothing is better than comfort food after such excitement. Yes, there was Santa serving hot popping buttery pop-corn. Why “Santa,” you may ask? Well if not, then he was definitely a Santa look-a-like. He was working hard serving pop-corn to hundreds of patiently waiting kids; and some parents too who managed to sneak in. It was a long wait but nobody complained. The pop-corn “scent” hypnosis definitely worked. Perhaps the Tarot reading Witch had something to do with it. She was intriguingly mesmerizing. She was so real. She screamed. She “creep-ly” laughed. She fluidly moved her hands around the magic ball. She looked beyond us many times. She was a real Witch, but, but not until someone leaned on her booth, oops then she revealed her “humanly side.”

What do you think? Sounds like a fun event. Yes, for sure! We can safely conclude that we collected great memories again and most of all we had an amanzing adventurous night at the Aurora Haunted Forest 2016 again! I hope to see you next year! And I hope to see the Tall of the Tallest. Yikes.

Anna Lozyk Romeo
Aurora, ON


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