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Aurora Votes! First, find the location of the above 'target painted on the wall' somewhere in Aurora. Almost 5,000 voters from Aurora voted online. Note that for the 2018-2022 Aurora Council term the number of Councillors was reduced from eight (8) to six (6)...
All Candidates Meeting
Today on September 30th, 2018 at Aurora Town Hall, Aurora Public Library hosted a Municipal Elections 2018 All Candidates Meeting. The following are presentations by the four Aurora Mayoral candidates. Geoff Dawe for Aurora Mayor
Aurora Ontario Municipal Elections 2018 - Election Sign Bylaw in effect. Election sign 'clutter' is undeniably an opportunity for election sign vandalism. I recall we had plenty of both, a plethora of signs and vandalism here in Aurora during the municipal elections back in 2014. It definitely wasn't...
During the April 18, 2017 General Committee meeting, Aurora Town staff presented recommendations to our Town Council to consider moving forward with internet-voting only as an alternative voting method for the next Municipal Elections 2018. The majority of our Town Council opposed the idea. In the video...
Ward System
I always thought that my parents had better service from the politicians in their community. My parents rarely follow local politics, but it seems like local politics often follow them. They vote and they live where the ward system is implemented. On a regular basis their Councillor will drop by...

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