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Living in Aurora, Great Town with Great Community Feel

By Andrew Fogliato, Aurora ON. Thinking of moving to and living in Aurora, Ontario but not sure what it’s like? Located a short drive north of Toronto, Aurora is a great place to live whether you work in the city or in the town. Living in Aurora you can get a good size yard and a nice house for prices that in the city will often get you a condo or a very small house with no yard. If you want to raise a family then Aurora is the place to be. With great schools, good community, and better neighbours you can find everything you want here living in Aurora.

If you work in Toronto or elsewhere in the GTA and are worried about the commute from Aurora, you do not have to take the drive down the Highway 404 every day. A great option is the GO train. It leaves every morning and comes back every night and it goes right down to Union Station. It is much nicer to sit back and relax on the train in the morning, even get some work done, instead of sitting in gridlock. If you work in Aurora the traffic is not bad at all. During the typical rush hours like anywhere else you will move slowly but after a bit of time you can learn the ways around the traffic and how to avoid it. A tip – Yonge Street and Wellington Street intersection almost always sucks for traffic.

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The school system in Aurora is a major attraction; most of the schools are at or above the provincial standards and features one of the best French Immersion schools in the province with Lester B. Pearson Public School. You can rest easy knowing that your children will be well educated. If the public school system is not what you want to enter your children into, you have other options in Aurora too, most notably St. Andrew’s College, which is a private school for boys that has been around for a long time and has maintained an excellent reputation.

Within Aurora you can find a lot to do, from the extensive walking trails, a ton of shops and great restaurants, the dog park on Industrial Parkway, there is always something to do for everyone. No matter what your interests are you can probably find something in Aurora to occupy yourself with and more importantly, people that you can do them with too. Aurora is a great town with a great community feel.

The only real drawback of note for living in Aurora is for the single twenty-something demographic. Aurora, Ontario is not the ideal place for them to live in when the city is so close. However, from an affordability perspective living in Aurora is much better. Many in this demographic go and live in the city for a year or two and then come back and move in with their parents until they can afford to go back downtown. Once it is time to settle down though, many choose to come back to Aurora. It’s a family town!

Andrew Fogliato
Aurora ON


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