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Town of Aurora, Where Is the 4th Construction Crane?

Look out for the construction crane in your area. Currently we have four construction cranes in the Town of Aurora. All of them will be standing-out for a while but one. Two cranes are for high density residential developments and two are for a municipal/regional developments.

“Something we don’t think about everyday but the Town of Aurora is in the midst of a major growth spurt.”

Something we don’t think about everyday but the Town of Aurora is in the midst of a major growth spurt. Look around. Along St. John’s sideroad and Leslie Street are two examples of major residential developments that stand out the most. The two developments (municipal/regional) that have construction crane(s) are also developments to support the Town’s local growth, as I will elaborate on later. In the context of residential developments, construction cranes mean high-density residential developments.

Out of four, the first construction crane to be erected was for the Centro Condominiums by Kaitlin Corporation on the south-east corner of Yonge Street and Centre Street. This project is an example of urban infill defined as new development in the existing community.

Construction Crane
Centro Condominiums by Kaitlin Corporation | Copyright Anna Lozyk Romeo

The second construction crane was assembled for the development of the Town of Aurora Joint Operations Centre (PDF file) on Industrial Parkway. This project ate up a good chunk of green space that I thought belonged to the Aurora Community Arboretum. This is a municipal project to support the future growth of the Town of Aurora .

Construction Crane
Town of Aurora Joint Operations Centre | Copyright Anna Lozyk Romeo

Sometime early this year a third crane appeared on Leslie Street and can be seen clearly from various points of view within the Town of Aurora. This is phase one construction of The Meadows of Aurora, a Christian Seniors Lifestyle Community.

Construction Crane
The Meadows of Aurora | Copyright Anna Lozyk Romeo

And here is the last project that is currently using a construction crane, the water storage tank located on the west side of First Commerce Drive, just north of State Farm Way. It is a York Region project, Aurora Elevated Tank Construction. The construction crane for this water storage tank is soon to be gone from our sight. The crane is currently sitting in the middle of the tower and looks like the exterior wall might well be halfway done. This elevated water storage tank is to address future water needs to meet peak water demands within Aurora East.

Construction Crane
Aurora Elevated Tank | Copyright Anna Lozyk Romeo

Look around, the Town of Aurora is growing fast, sometimes it feels like it is actually growing too fast.

Anna Lozyk Romeo
Aurora, ON


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