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The Aurora Farmers Market, A Good Luck Horseshoe Found

"Nice camera” – she commented.

When I delivered my accessibility recommendations to the Town of Aurora about two weeks ago in front of the Town Hall, I noticed painted picnic tables. This happens to me all the time. Every time I find something nice to photograph, I don’t have my camera with me. However, I found these picnic tables at the Town Park while visiting the Aurora Farmers Market. It was such a great idea to paint nice artwork on them. I just wonder who did them? I cannot find any reference.

Bench Art

Nice camera” – she commented when she passed by me last Saturday. This was my third encounter with Anna Kroeplin, the Chair of this year Aurora Farmers Market. During our first visit at the market at the Aurora Cultural Centre, she greeted us warmly, “Come in, come in, don’t be shy.” Some how she also found my blog and commented.

Bench Art

On our last visit to farmers market, we purchased this very tasty, delicious, addictive kettle popcorn and we were back to get some more. Unfortunately, we did not hear any popping that day. Maybe next time, and maybe we will see the chocolate-dipped kettle popcorn as we suggested when asked. While I was looking around, I noticed the horseshoe in the booth of one of the vendors. So cool…


Needlework can be very time-consuming, but I think it is very therapeutic. I have done some cross-stitching in the past. I need to work on attention to detail and patience – just grab a sewing needle.

Sewing Works

Bead-work, I’m sure you need patience for that too.


I think I am a little bit shy. Lucky me for the big lens to zoom in on the booth to see more detail. I got to find out what this booth is all about – it’s all about Aurora. This must be David Heard, the host of Step In Time, a historical walking tour of Aurora, Ontario, and I just hope it is him.

David Heard, A Step in Time

A Step in Time Adventures sounds like a lot of fun. It is on the list of things to do in the future, but not yet. It will take me a lifetime to explore everything in Aurora.

A Step In Time T-Shirt

Thinking about popcorn, the Optimist Club of Aurora offered some to Matthew on our way to the car. We have visited the Optimist playground many times in the past, and now the picture of the Optimist Park name is coming together. As we passed by the booth, my son got popcorn and ended up singing a song, “Hot popping popcorn…” for the lady in the booth. We ended up buying a book, which I read to Matthew when we drive places.

We have so many good cause organizations in our community, and the Optimist Club is one of them. They are the Friends of Youth, and “Bringing Out the Best in Kids” is their slogan.

The Optimist Club of Aurora Booth


Michael said: June 23, 2011 at 17:28

Anna the picnic tables you mentioned were completed by local high school students. I have seen one reference that comes to mind. The Aurora Council Meeting of June 7th presented the awards to the high school student artists. A copy of the meeting can be found at: The presentation by Aurora’s Youth Coordinator and al round nice person Chris Catania (I used to work with Chris when I was with the town) can be found near the beginning of the meeting. Hope this helps.

Anna Lozyk Romeo said: June 23, 2011 at 23:17

Thanks Michael, it does help. I want to snap more pictures of these benches, so the reference does help.


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