Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Under Attack, Hack-ed, Spam-ed, Telephon-ed, Tired

just recently, over three days, I received over 2000 spam comments.

New technology has its pros and cons. I like the pros, but the cons have been lately giving me a lot of headaches.

My blog has been hacked not once but twice. It took many long hours and days to clean up and put back into safe mode on Google search engine.

Just recently, over three days, I received over 2000 spam comments. Probably generated via a comment script. People have nothing better to do.

I installed a security feature (shown below), but can you believe spam comments are still coming through? Not many now, probably three or five a day, but that means that some individual who has nothing better to do is actually typing spam comments manually.

Technology – reCaptcha

For those who comment on my blog, before posting a comment you must enter the security words displayed in the reCaptcha box. Sorry for the inconvenience, but I don’t have any other option.

Then a couple of nights ago, I received a telephone call letting me know that I had won a “Caribbean vacation trip to Florida” and by paying a one-time fee of US $280 on my Visa card, I could have it.


What a waste of time on my part. I am tired. I just want to blog and not worry about anything else. I just want to receive calls from people I know and not bogus marketing schemes.

I am tired.


Kate said: October 3, 2011 at 08:33

Did you get the call the other night to participate in some political conference call? I was told to answer my phone when it rang at 7:10 pm the next day to participate. When the phone rang a precisely 7:10 pm we let it ring…we did not want to participate plus we were in the middle of dinner. At 7:20 pm the phone rang again and again we did not answer for the same reasons… HOWEVER the call connected on its own and some conference call could be heard loud and clear through our answering machine…talk about an invasion of privacy! The only way to cancel the call was to pick up the receiver and replace it in the phone cradle. I wish I’d paid attention to which political party thought it their right to invade the privacy of my home with their conference call as I sure wouldn’t be voting for them!


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