Saturday, March 25, 2023
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Oak Ridges Moraine
A picture-perfect vista of soft, rolling hills where wild turkey, deer and coyote once roamed has been reduced to a lifeless, razed and barren landscape. The old yellow barn that once stood tall in all its charm, is long gone. So too is the large pond where frogs and...
APPROVED: The application for Official Plan Amendment, Zoning By-law Amendment, and Draft Plan of Subdivision Shining Hill Estate Collections
Shining Hill
The Aurora Council decided to move Shining Hill Estate Collections, Inc.'s application forward to the General Committee (GC) meeting at the June 26, 2019 Public Planning meeting. Even though building high-density housing on environmentally sensitive land was problematic, the developer only decreased the number of homes by 2. R9. PDS20-045...
This is just the beginning for the development of the environmentally sensitive lands on St. John's Sideroad, east of Yonge Street. A photoshoot with a friend of mine, Peter Cameron.