Friday, July 19, 2024

McKenzie Marsh is Waking Up

Matthew is such a little trooper; he was walking with me all this time.

It was a two-hour trip back and forth to the McKenzie Marsh boardwalk. Spring is finally here. The pond was filled with all kinds of animals and birds. On this single trip, I noted the arrival of the Great blue heron. The Canada goose have been here for a while, as well as the Red-winged blackbird. Hawks were hovering above. I guess it was warm enough, and the heat always helps them glide in the air better. The Seagulls were flying back and forth. I did not see the Killdeer today, but they are definitely here. I also photographed a new duck in town. It is kind of hard to identify from the photo I took (it wasn’t that good), but I think it is a Ring-necked duck. This will be a new addition to my birding collection this week. Two new species spotted in one month – the year is starting to look promising.

In terms of activities in the marsh, work is in progress on the new boardwalk. On the existing boardwalk, Canada goose are starting to preoccupy it. I have a feeling that this year, again for the second year in a row, we will have a lot of Canada goose here. I recommend that drivers are careful in this area, as there will be a lot of geese crossing. If you happen to be in the area, you will also note nests everywhere, and they are very protective of the nesting areas too. As you can see in the photo, a muskrat was just passing by, but the goose was already telling him to go away.

Canada goose and Muskrat, McKenzie Marsh

Muskrats are delightful creatures, their skilful handling of food with their hands is truly fascinating to watch. They often bring to mind raccoons for some reason.

It was warm enough that even insects were out – flies and spiders. Not the best combination for them to be together.

Matthew is such a little trooper; he was walking with me all this time. He always finds himself preoccupied. Usually, he collects branches and stones to throw into the water. At some point, he collected so much that I had to carry them too.


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