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Mayor, CEO, Town Clerk in Aurora Council Chambers, Term 2010-2014

A snapshot of the Council meeting at the Town of Aurora ON Town Hall on April 9th, 2013. Shown in the middle is Mayor Geoff Dawe (1st Mayoral Term, currently serving his 2nd Mayoral term) looking over at something on Neil Garbe’s side, the former Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) of the Corporation of Town of Aurora. Mr. Garbe left the Town at the beginning of 2014-2018 Council Term and currently is the CAO of the Town of Richmond Hill. Since then the Town of Aurora has had two CAOs, Patrick Moyle, an Interim CAO; later replaced by Doug Nadorozny. Mr. Nadorozny assumed his CAO role on January 11th, 2015 and has been with the Town of Aurora since then.

To Mayor Dawe’s right sits John Leach, the former Director, Legislative Services and Town Clerk. After Mr. Leach left the Town near the end of 2010-2014 term, Stephen Huycke assumed his role as the Town Clerk. Mr. Huycke’s role with the Town of Aurora lasted for about two years. After his departure, Lisa Lyons held the position as the Acting Town of Aurora Clerk, subsequently Ms. Lyons was appointed as the Director, Legislative Services and Town Clerk of our Town in May 2016. She left in 2017 to serve as the Director, Legislative Services/Town Clerk in Newmarket, unfortunately in the midst of the debugging stage of the $500K council chambers audio/visual voting system project. The challenge was assumed by Michael de Rond at the beginning of 2017. Mr. de Rond is the current Town of Aurora Town Clerk and will be instrumental in the implementation of a hybrid Electronic voting system during the Municipal Elections 2018.

The fourth person in the photo at the bottom left corner is former Cllr Chris Ballard. Mr. Ballard served on Town of Aurora 2010-2014 Council. He left his seat (2013) in less than 4 years to campaign in the 2014 Ontario Provincial Elections. As a Liberal he won in the Newmarket-Aurora riding defeating Conservative Jane Twinney. Mr. Ballard, Member of Provincial Parliament (MPP) serving in the Newmarket-Aurora riding is currently Minister of the Environment and Climate Change. After Mr. Ballard’s departure, Town of Aurora Council appointed Don Constable to sit in the vacant seat until the end of Council Term 2010-2014, October 27, 2014.

The key discussions among other debates during the April 9th, 2013 Council meeting were: a proposal of the heritage park Hillary-McIntyre Park on Yonge Street near the Hillary House National Historic Park; and two music festival proposals, one pitched for the Town Park by Mr. Newnham from Habachat, a local social media company, and the second one pitched by Mr. Flex for Machell Park.

The 2010-2014 Town Council was composed as follows: Mayor Geoffrey Dawe and eight Councillors (in alphabetical order by surname), Cllr John Abel, Cllr Chris Ballard, Cllr  Evelyn Buck, Cllr Wendy Gaertner, Cllr John Gallo, Cllr Sandra Humfryes, Cllr Paul Pirri, and Cllr Michael Thompson.

Town Clerk

Photo Taken: April 9, 2013


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