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I Found Eastern Blue Bird in Town of Aurora

The Eastern bluebird is now a new addition to my birding list.

Maybe someone has already seen this little bird in Aurora, but not me. The Eastern bluebird is now a new addition to my birding list. I have seen red, orange, and yellow birds, but not blue birds in my hometown. Yes, Mallard ducks have some blue in them, but they are very common here.

Eastern bluebird, Town of Aurora

We were about to wrap up and go home after playing with Matthew on the playground when my husband pointed out this little fella sitting on the tree and looking down at us. Was I ready to photo-shoot? No, you are never ready when there is a great opportunity. As he was watching us with great interest, I unpacked my camera again and was able to snap a few pictures of him. We ended up staying more around the pond, and there was me chasing the Eastern bluebird around. He ended up posing for me again, and the result is this picture. I have a new camera now and am still getting used to it. This time I promised myself to take more quality photos, as opposed to going for quantity.

If you are on the lookout for new birds, this Eastern bluebird was photographed at the pond located on the northeast corner of St. John’s Sideroad and Cliff Trail.


BarrytheBirder said: April 6, 2011 at 23:11

So glad you have spotted and photographed a Bluebird. They come back in the spring very early to avoid competition for nestings spots or bird boxes with other birds like swallows, starlings and wrens. They are so timid and avoid confrontation with other birds. Their early arrival in spring often exposes them to starvation and hypothermia, yet they persist. They are brave survivors!


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