Friday, July 19, 2024

Fog Day on St. John’s Sideroad in Aurora

We had a major fog day in Aurora that also went reported everywhere in York Region and GTA. It was more evident on the country side roads and less in the urbanized areas. I must say, no real winter wonderland magic lately, just a few times. Hopefully soon it will get a bit colder again and hopefully there will be more snow on the ground so children can enjoy their time outside; time well spent on Aurora’s outside skating rinks or sledding hills.

“Smile it’s a fog day.”

Not much sun either. My indoor house plants suffered a lot and had to be relocated closer to the windows for a quick revival. However, to spice this winter up imagine the world around you when looking through many different filters, through snow filter, rain, freezing rain and fog filter. That’s what they are pretty much, filters. It’s not pretty sometimes but different. The visibility is limited through them. They let you isolate the far far away and enclose you in a smaller circle.

Fog Day

The other day someone told me, “did you know that perfect visibility is twenty four kilometers?” I think that’s pretty darn far and who can see that far. Well it is possible in some places, like driving on highway 401 and seeing the CN Tower in Toronto. We can’t see Lake Ontario because it’s blocked by buildings but it’s right there, right behind the CN Tower. There are few high spots in Aurora where it is actually fun to observe if you are into seeing the changing landscapes of East Aurora especially. One is on St. John’s Sideroad just East of Bathrust Street, the second one on Industrial Parkway near the Aurora Family Leisure Complex (AFLC) and the last one on Leslie Street from the Dollar Store area.

Town of Aurora is transforming towards a more urbanized town every day and I heard that comment during one of the Town Council meetings as well. The open lands and trees are fading away, but then on the fog days just like the one last Sunday with limited visibility, you wouldn’t notice that at all. However, many of us carry that fog around us every day and the changing environment around us goes unnoticed. Believe it or not I carried that fog around me for about ten years and now I think that sometimes I see too much. Perhaps this is why I don’t mind a fog day here and there.

Fog Day

Anna Lozyk Romeo
Aurora, ON


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