Friday, July 19, 2024

Do We Have A Name? Nokiidaa Trail Link New Boardwalk

After all, it was a nice, relaxing walk.

The weather this past week was totally unpredictable. According to the forecast, today, tomorrow, and the rest of the week were supposed to be overcast with no rain. Yesterday was right on. However, today the weatherman did not get it right, and as a result, we got soaked.

New boardwalk after the rain
View from access point on St. John’s Sideroad

There were all kinds of clouds – white, grey, and dark grey. I thought that with cooler weather and the wind, the clouds would just pass. By the time we got to the McKenzie Marsh boardwalk, there was no rain despite all the dark clouds passing over us. So I thought, how bad can it get? Well, I think one of the clouds decided to pour a bucket of water on us, and it did, as we were observing wildlife on the new boardwalk.

View from St. John’s Sideroad boardwalk

Still without a name. No official plaque for the Nokiidaa Trail Link boardwalk between Aurora and Newmarket. What do we call it? Is this still part of the McKenzie Marsh?

Nokiidaa, Walking Together sign

It’s been a while since I visited the new boardwalk. It was too hot to get out and walk all the way from home. Today was a perfect day, sunny, windy, comfortable temperatures, and a bucket of water as a bonus.

Canada goose, ducks, and turtles seem to be the main occupants on this site. Great blue heron were somewhere. There were other small birds flying around, but unless you have a set of binoculars, then you will be able to identify them. They all sometimes blend and look like one species.

Do we have a name?

It is nice to see that the boardwalk is being used. I see a lot of parents and grandparents with their children and grandchildren trying to show them wildlife. Turtles seem to be the main attraction. Not many young birders yet. Not to mention, there are always plenty of photographers.

Red-eared slider turtle

After all, it was a nice, relaxing walk. The landscape of the marsh is beautiful and definitely very green despite the hot, humid days. The rolling dark clouds, with a bonus of rain, made this little trip of ours somehow adventurous. On a closing note, I noticed that we now have a new bench on one of the observation decks. Not sure about the second one; never made it that far.


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