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Tobogganing at Copland Park, Don’t Ignore the Warnings

Tobogganing at Copland Park, don’t ignore the warnings. The weekend is already here. Are you ready for some skating or tobogganing? A friendly note from the weatherman, there may be more snow coming our way. If driving perhaps is an issue this weekend to go to places where adventure is, why not explore Aurora’s places for winter fun? More so, for those who are skating enthusiasts, why not check out the Town’s outdoor rinks. There are four large outdoor skating rinks in Aurora, lighted and operated until eleven at night. The rinks are located in Ada Johnson Park, Confederation Park, Machell Park and Town Park. Google it!

How about the other outdoor activities like tobogganing, sledding or even tubing?

Town of Aurora By-law Number 4752-05.P states, “Skiing, Tobogganing and Sledding 25. No person shall toboggan, snowboard, skibob or sled in any park or public place unless posted to permit the activity,” page 5 of 10. There are only four permitted areas in Town for tobogganing.

Don’t ignore the warnings, they are there for a reason.

The permitted tobogganing is at Fleury Park, Machell Park, Aurora Leisure Complex / Lambert Willson Park and Copland Park as currently listed. Look for the designated tobogganing areas within those parks. The unsafe areas will most likely have warning signs installed. However, use your own judgement, going between the trees is not advisable. However, you must note this, “All tobogganers using these facilities do so at their own risk, and children should be supervised by an adult. All participants should utilize the appropriate personal safety equipment.

I can’t claim that the Copland Park hill is the steepest, but I can say that it is actually steep for a public park. Up for a challenge, then this is the hill to explore if you haven’t.

We have only been tobogganing once at the Copland Park off Aurora Heights. The day we visited that park was quite a family event. Even though it wasn’t the warmest winter day, many parents came out with children to watch and to participate. Yes there were parents going down the hill too to get their adrenaline rush. I was myself brave enough to go once as I am not a big fan of downhill speeds.

Lastly, for the winter dare-devils out there, even though body rolling is not permitted in the by-law, you could be easily run over by a tuber. Therefore, don’t ignore the warnings, they are there for a reason.

Copland Park
Copland Park
Copland Park
Copland Park

Anna Lozyk Romeo
Aurora, ON


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