Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Change Brings Opportunity

“Change brings opportunity.” ~ Nido Qubein

The Joys of Thanksgiving

By Jenn Kelner, Aurora ON. What do you think of when you think of Thanksgiving? For children, it might be the thought of yummy turkey with all the fixin’s, delicious pumpkin pie with ice cream, and maybe even the dreadful thought of having to eat all their...
Flu Season

Flu Season Worse Than Ever

It is official, the flu season is in effect and as my recovery from a sinus infection tipped over last night I am again full of writing energy. All the hugging, hand shaking and breathing helps spread influenza from one to another; something you...
Aurora Downtown
As tracts of land that are available to be built into new subdivisions shrink, many in the Town of Aurora wonder what is going to happen here. Where will new developments come from? The future, much like you can see happening in Toronto, is to bring people...
In light of Councillor Michael Thompson’s upcoming motion, I’d like to take this opportunity to offer my opinion on aspects of the SLAPP (Strategic Lawsuits against Public Participation) lawsuit and ruling. 1. Regarding the recent statement by Councillor Ballard referring to "those responsible for...
David Heard
David Heard was one of the speakers that participated in open forum during the October 23rd, 2012 Council Meeting. We thought it was worth noting his passionate speech and his clear message how community involvement is a critical element in building healthy communities with a sense of belonging. The...
Great Town
By Andrew Fogliato, Aurora ON. Thinking of moving to and living in Aurora, Ontario but not sure what it’s like? Located a short drive north of Toronto, Aurora is a great place to live whether you work in the city or in the town. Living in Aurora...
Halloween night
It was Halloween night nineteen ninety seven when we moved to Aurora, Ontario and we have been living in Aurora ever since – same dwelling, same street, different neighbours and changed landscapes. Knock, knock. A boy that must have been about three years old,...

Aurora Council Term 2018-2022

Canopy of Lights Aurora

Canopy of Lights – Approved Yes, Feasible Maybe

It has been about two or three years since the Christmas tree on St. John’s Sideroad, just West of Yonge Street, was last illuminated. Driving by many times I noticed that the...
Aurora Recreational Cannabis

Aurora Recreational Cannabis Economy Will Be Booming

Perhaps it is the science part of the political science field that fascinates me the most. When I graduated from engineering over 20 years ago I remember telling myself, no more tests....
Aurora Council

Aurora Council, Term 2018-2022, Installed and Working

It is hard to believe that I actually survived four years sitting at the Aurora Council meetings, at the Council Chambers and watched religiously Aurora General Committee, Council and Public Planning meetings....
Motor Vehicle Collision

CYFS Motor Vehicle Collision Cost-Recovery Program Roll-Out

Starting January 2020 the Central York Fire Services (CYFS) will be rolling out a 2-year Motor Vehicle Collision (MVC) cost-recovery pilot program that will allow CYFS to charge at-fault driver’s insurance company...
Town of Aurora

Town of Aurora 2019 Year in Review, My Perspective

Let me reflect on the Town of Aurora 2019 year in review from my perspective. I've decided to share below some of the highlights that caught my attention. Year...