Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Backyard Victoria Day Fireworks In Aurora Got Better

Aurora celebrates Victoria Day weekend with backyard fireworks around the town. On Sunday night if you didn’t see fireworks from your backyard I am sure you could still hear them echoing around. Ensure that you check with the town by-laws with regards to fireworks displays.

The following Victoria Day fireworks display took place at the Hamilton Park on St. John’s Sideroad, almost under the HydroONE power lines. Yes, almost under the power lines. It seems like every year a group of individuals sneaks in to this park. We hope that fireworks safety are exercised accordingly. However, something could go wrong also. With a limited visibility on the Hamilton Park soccer field the fireworks may sometimes malfunction and go off on its own. Those individuals who show up every year at the soccer field, leave really fast. I have not checked yet, but hopefully they also cleaned up afterwards.


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