The Wine and Cheese Tasting Party They Will Never Forget

wine and cheese

They completely ignored the four legged sign in front soon as they saw through the half-opened door many tables with wine and beautifully prepared cheese platters. This was the wine and cheese party they were waiting for all day. They knew the event was in this building. In their minds it was a heaven. Everything freshly set and no one was here just yet. They ate and they drank until someone showed up at the door nodding their head – ‘sorry guys the wine and cheese tasting is next door, this is supposed to be our wedding reception set up’. Half-drunk and embarrassed they picked themselves up and headed for the door. They passed the worried person dressed in tuxedo and quietly said to him ‘no, we are sorry’ and they left for the wine and cheese tasting next door.

“Wine is a treacherous friend who you must always be on guard for.” ~ Christian Nestell Bovee

This short, entertaining and true story demonstrates the attraction of food. Our bodies constantly need energy for body, soul and mind – it is the key to health, happiness, and life balance. It is also the key to bring people together or attract them to places. If you are having difficulty attracting people to places, perhaps little teaser food is the key to start initial engagement; and if it is a private party do not leave the room unattended.

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