Hydro Transformers Boxes – Warning! Do Not Open or Climb

Hydro Transformer Boxes

When you see children climbing or sitting on top of these hydro transformer boxes shown here, let them know that it is actually dangerous to do so. The hydro transformer boxes are installed to step down high voltage electricity from the hydro transmission lines to the normal 110-volt household current.

Once I came across few teenagers near school kicking them and pulling at the green cabin doors. When I told them what it was, they left it alone. Warning labels on some of those transformer boxes are very small or rarely visible, and sometimes we ignore to read them. However, someone must have realized that these warning labels were in fact too small. After living on the same street for 20 years, changes finally came through. Some of these boxes were replaced and larger warning labels were placed. Some of these boxes will rust over time and probably that is why some on our street were replaced.

Again, do not climb and warn others not to do so. Now you know why if you didn’t.

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