Sandra Humfryes – Councillor 2018-2022

Sandra Humfryes – Candidate for Aurora Town Council – Bio

Hi, I’m Sandra Humfryes and I have been on Town Council representing you for the past two terms. I am very excited about the amazing future of Aurora and hope that I have the privilege to represent you for a third term.

I have over 30 years management experience in the communication, problem management and service management industry working for a large telecommunications company; I manage large high performing teams through motivation, respect and team work. This critical skill set allows me to work well with my peers in order to move town business forward.

I moved to Aurora in 1999, married Brad Humfryes, proud 4th generation Auroran and 27 year Aurora Fire Fighter. Brad’s tag line when I first met him was (and still is) “If it’s not available in Aurora then you don’t need it!” – I have to agree! 😉

What I loved the most about Aurora when I first moved here was how involved with our community I could be. I joined several town committees including the Parks and Recreation Special Events sub committee, Southlake Run or Walk fundraiser, Hillary House Ball and Queens York Rangers Fundraiser.

We raised our children Jennifer and Steven in Aurora utilizing our great schools and taking advantage of the town sports and programs. Now our 7 year old Grandson Enrico is enjoying our schools and all our amazing town has to offer. His favourite so far is Wednesday’s Music in the Park and Saturday morning Aurora Farmers’ Market

Focus for next term:

Protecting our Heritage by honouring our past while respecting our future. Heritage buildings must be protected and integrated into future developments; I created a motion that passed unanimously to enhance Heritage property standards through updated bylaws. In the next term, should I be re-elected, I will work with staff to create incentives for property owners to assist with the upkeep of their Heritage property.

I believe a new South East Heritage District Designation program needs to be re-attempted to protect our heritage core and ensure new builds are consistent with heritage neighbourhoods. A South East Heritage District Designation was attempted in 2013-2014 however the residents were divided. I believe lots has changed and our residents want their neighbourhood protected from unsuitable builds. I will ensure much public consultation to ensure the majority of residents support moving forward with a South East Heritage District Designation through clear communication, understanding and documentation.

Our Stable neighbourhoods are facing huge challenges with extreme monster home builds which are not in keeping with the intent of our Stable Neighbourhood Official Plan. It is critical to change our bylaws appropriately to ensure the correct balance in property rights and building suitable builds in the Stable Neighbourhood designated areas. Should I have the privilege to be re-elected, this issue will be of top priority.

I’m very excited about the Cultural Precinct Plan Evolution – building a destination where people want to go and enjoy; supports economic development for downtown businesses (A Town of Aurora Piazza!) The Framework has been laid – this next term a flawless execution of the plan must be implemented

I will continue to focus on keeping our taxes down while maintaining and improving service levels including garbage waste removal and recycling, road maintenance, infrastructure, snow removal

Our environmental focus must become stronger to support the serious issue of climate change; Local bylaws need to be implemented to ensure Aurora does their part in protecting our earth which can be mandated to our Environmental Advisory Committee

I will work closely with our local businesses to support our economic development as well as utilize the newly formed BIA and the Aurora Chamber of Commerce as a vehicle to understand the challenges and determine appropriate solutions so that our businesses can thrive. Together with our new Economic Development Governance Committee I know we will be successful.

I have supported and will continue to support the Aurora Parks and Recreation Master Plan and my record demonstrates the expansion and improvement of quality recreation facilities and Parks such as the Queen Elizabeth II Jubilee Park and Mavrinac Park. Our Town is growing and we need to ensure that our recreational facilities support our growth.

A Traffic Master Plan must be created and implemented; I moved a motion forward to reinstate the Traffic Advisory Committee – Staff suggested an interim step with the development of “Place Speak” app on the Town of Aurora’s web site. This app allows residents to place their concerns and staff will take action. Although this is a good communication tool, I believe an overall Traffic Master Plan needs to be created through a Traffic Advisory Committee. If re-elected, I will re-instate my original motion and create a new Traffic Advisory Committee with specific goals to address traffic flow, congestion and safety for the Town of Aurora.

In the next term, there are many projects that will require time and research. Our Town is growing rapidly and it is very important to maintain the small town Feel and Pride that Aurora exudes. If I am honoured to be re-elected, I will continue to work hard, listen to what’s important to you and continue to take a leadership role in implementing positive change for our town. In addition, I have made a personal decision to leave my full time position in order to focus on our Town’s priorities. I love our Town and I am excited about our future together!

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