Merlin’s Hollow, Every Visit Different Flowers

Merlin's Hollow

It was a hot humid overcast day at Merlin’s Hollow last Sunday. During my visit on that day when I passed by David Tomlinson I said to him ‘when I will leave this place today there is one thing I am not going to thank you for and that will be the mosquitoes‘. The little suckers were charging at me from all directions. I escaped a few but I didn’t escape many.

“Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful;
they are sunshine, food and medicine for the soul.”

My last visit to Merlin’s Hollow was in the spring and I missed two consecutive visits in between. I dropped by last Sunday and I don’t even regret the mosquito bites. The garden was surreal and with tropical-like weather it brought back memories of my travels to Singapore.

Merlin's Hollow

Hard to believe but I think some of the flowers were as tall as me or even taller. Lot’s of yellows during my last visit. More purples and whites during this visit. However, poppy flowers dominated the front entrance. Poppies are my favorite flowers. I grew up in a country where poppy seeds were the biggest baking ingredient; therefore let’s say poppies were not part of the flower garden where I used to live.

Photographing flowers can be quite addictive. When I first shared some of my photos with Dierdre she actually taught me and made me think about each flower’s architecture. Last Sunday we discussed flower personalities. Yes personalities. I also noticed that some flowers are just meant to stay beautiful to the naked eye since not every flower is photogenic.

Merlin's Hollow

If you missed visiting Merlin’s Hollow you still have one more chance in August during the Doors Open event. However, you may not see the same flowers I published in this post. That is why I try to visit as many times as possible because every visit there is a new flower to discover.

Anna Lozyk Romeo, Editor’s Notes
Aurora, ON

Copyright 2014 Anna Lozyk Romeo / community FOCUS

Merlin’s Hollow, Town of Aurora
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