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Matthew Abas

I have listened and learned over the past few months of my campaign. So many people have asked what I think on important issues in Aurora.

It is my intention not to push my ideas, or force an agenda on residents. Instead, listen to issues and help resolve issues that exist and represent the residents in council. I do believe that when properly informed, council members not influenced by dollars, votes or their personal business will all come together to do what is in the best interest in Aurora.

Certainly, issues of accessibility touch my heart, but a good Councillor must not be too focused on any one issue, at the expense of more important issues and listening to residents. Fighting for accessibility, for many years, I have learned how to use laws to influence policy and decision making. Having challenged the town on many accessibility issues, such as missing power doors required by the building code since 2015, I have fine-tuned my leadership skills that include influencing, patience and perseverance.

When I see that the current council has approved a $300 fine for pool water dumping, I wonder if they remembered their oaths to protect source water, personal liability, danger to municipal sewage workers, or understood the provincial laws where repairing the environment, and the cost of providing an alternate source of drinking water may be in the millions. Persons polluting the environment should not expect other tax payers to pick up the cost. I am not an environmentalist. I am a tax payer. I am not willing to exchange a life for a $300 fine.

Aurora is growing. This is putting stress on economical housing, the environment, and transportation. Addressing these issues while maintaining low taxes is a huge challenge. When choosing your Mayor, and “mix of six” on October 22nd pick those with a vested interest in the future. Those are the ones that will have the passion to help turn promises into reality and are less likely to be driven by political ambition.

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