Leslie Street Sign – Reindeer Now @ 1964 Vandorf SDRD Aurora – Why?

Leslie Street

Today I drove by the construction sites on Leslie Street and St. John’s Sideroad (Aurora) to see progress of the changing landscapes. Everything is moving fast. I thought that this year’s cold winter would slow things down – not a bit.

Sometimes if I wait long enough to observe these places I tend to find something out of context. In front of the construction site on Leslie Street I found and photographed the following sign saying “Reindeer Now @ 1964 Vandorf SDRD Aurora“. I wonder why this sign was placed there? Perhaps the intent was to let everyone know that the reindeer are now relocated to Vandorf and still in Aurora? Or this is just a normal business sign?

“The first step toward change is awareness. The second step is acceptance.” ~ Nathaniel Branden

Leslie Street is not a friendly street to walk on. However, it was not my first time to see people walking along the side of that street. A man and a woman were walking on the west side of Leslie Street traveling southbound towards Wellington Street. They could have been walking all the way from Newmarket. With all the development in this area I hope that in the near future there will be sidewalks constructed, more so for safety reasons.

The Southdown Institute building on St. John’s Sideroad is still standing. Probably a matter of weeks and the building will be gone. The construction on the north side is moving like a bullet. I was gone for a week and now there are a few skeleton houses already standing where one of them has a timber truss roof.

This is my community update from the North-East corner of Aurora. We definitely are a fast growing community and that’s great, but it is not so great to see all the beautiful landscapes in Aurora on this side of the town soon to be gone forever.

Anna Lozyk Romeo, Editor’s Notes
Aurora, ON

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Leslie Street, St. John’s sideroad, Community
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  1. 2014-03-06

    I said the same thing about the Tamarac Trail area of Aurora in the 1980s. Beautiful old farm fields in the summer and fabulous toboggan hills enjoyed the neighbourhood kids in the winter…..GONE!

    Fast forward to today and more people are coming to town. On one side it is happy that Aurora is such a great place to live and is attracting people. The other, is the loss of natural areas with the development.

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